The Outriders Story


The Outriders began as a random idea I came up with while talking to Preston on the phone.  I was toying with an idea for a new comic that focused on a team instead of the interconnected storylines of individual characters that I typically wrote about.   The conception happened when was driving to the Hickam AFB gym and told him I would flesh out an idea and spit it back to him after I finished my workout session.

Upon leaving the gym I called Preston back and said I have my idea.  I wanted my story to take place in Tokyo and deal with secret societies as well as the supernatural.  My protagonist was a tortured soul with a cynical attitude and he was surrounded by girls that hated him.  I wanted at twist on the “harem” genre where there was little to no romance involved.  I also wanted a protagonist that was less than interested in his surroundings.

 At the time I was taking a web design class in graduate school and didn’t want to add to the plethora of tourist websites that all my other classmates were doing.  I wanted my project to be a different, so after much thought, I decided to create a webcomic.  


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